About Hotaling & Associates Agency, Inc.

Hotaling & Associates Agency, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 when the present and sole shareholder, Bob Hotaling, left the employment environment of a worldwide firm to forge and implement his own philosophies of personal and professional risk management and surety services.

Now 27 years later the Independence, OH based agency continues to be recognized as an industry leader in the fields of surety and large commercial risk management programs.

“Although my previous career opportunities taught me very valuable things and developed my knowledge base of the industry, I was very frustrated by certain procedural roadblocks that I didn’t feel were in the best interest of the customer”, explains Bob. “The ironic thing was in spite of all the resources these organizations could offer the departmental segmentation actually diminished the client experience due to the firsthand knowledge and direction that I had already established with the customer. I wanted to be involved in every phase of the process and knew it was time to develop an agency model that truly represented quality over quantity.”

“I’m very proud of what we have accomplished and the niche we have created in the industry and look forward to the future”

To arrange a consultation, Bob can be contacted at 216-447-1004.